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The wizard of oz alternate movie ending

The wizard of oz alternate movie ending 1

As we all know because the strongmoviestrong is one of the foundational texts of american cinema and im unable to deal with the thought that any of you havent seen it at least once the strongwizardstrong of strongozstrong is at heart about how nothing can be so wonderful and magical and impressive that its better than the quiet joy of home and family which is arguably a hypocritical stance for a strongmoviestrong whose primary.

The wizard of oz alternate movie ending 2

Span classnews_dtjul 07 2011spannbsp018332strongwizardstrong of strongoz alternate endingstrong mass delusion entertainment an strongalternate endingstrong to the strongwizardstrong of strongozstrong where dorothy is my exmil couldnt understand why i loved strongwizardstrong of strongozstrong so much she said that the entire strongmoviestrong made her anxious and it was just as bad as a horror strongmoviestrong to her.

The wizard of oz alternate movie ending 3

Strongmoviesstrong the strongwizardstrong of strongozstrong analysis whats up with the strongendingstrong whats up with the strongendingstrong back next we could write a whole article about the strongendingstrong which on the surface looks pretty straightforward after clicking her heels together three times dorothy wakes up in bed at home apparently it was all a dream.

The wizard of oz alternate movie ending 4

Span classnews_dtdec 15 2006spannbsp018332the strongwizardstrong of strongoz moviestrong mistakes goofs the strongwizardstrong of strongozstrong 1 madtv strongwizardstrong of strongoz alternate endingstrong duration 416 leahcim3360 5517 views.

The wizard of oz alternate movie ending 5

The strongwizardstrong of strongoz 1939strong strongalternatestrong versions showing all 10 items from 1968 to 1984 on nbctv and cbstv airings of the film the film was edited to sell more commercial time as the amount of commercial time on network television gradually increased more scenes were cut according to film historian john fricke these cuts started with solely.

The wizard of oz alternate movie ending 6

Span classnews_dtoct 14 2011spannbsp018332okay allegedly all you wizard of oz nerds or movie nerds there is this alternate ending to the wizard of oz where dorothy is reassured by everybody at the end that it was just a dream and she pulls the sheets and voila there are the ruby slippers reassuring everyone including the audience that it.

The wizard of oz alternate movie ending 7

Moviechat forums gt the strongwizardstrong of strongozstrong ad with footage from alternative strongendingstrong ad with footage from strongmoviestrong posted 2 years ago by corahallett 9 replies jump to latest was there a commercial that used footage from the strongmoviestrong that had this so called strongalternate endingstrong edited in since the strongmoviestrong is such and icon in our consciousness.

The wizard of oz alternate movie ending 8

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The wizard of oz alternate movie ending 9

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The wizard of oz alternate movie ending 10

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The wizard of oz alternate movie ending

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