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Madonna body of evidence

Madonna body of evidence 1

The pacing could have been a little quicker and madonnas character somewhat less subdued it might have made for a more fastpaced romantic mystery along the lines.

Madonna body of evidence 2

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Madonna body of evidence 3

Audience reviews for body of evidence willem dafoe plays a lawyer who becomes involved with his client madonna a woman accused of intentionally murdering her rich elderly lover through strenuous kinky sex coincidentally he left her 8 million in his will.

Madonna body of evidence 4

Madonna and defoe have no chemistry in fact could dafoe have chemistry with anyone the film is shot with a 1950s film noir look but madonna is no sharon stone she wiggles she jiggles she overdoes it in the moan departmentshe does everything except act.

Madonna body of evidence 5

Sizzling sexy madonna leads a starfilled cast in this erotic thriller as a woman accused of killing a wealthy elderly man through her insatiable sexual prowess find titles like body of evidence stream thousands of shows and.

Madonna body of evidence 6

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Madonna body of evidence 7

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Madonna body of evidence 8

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Madonna body of evidence

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